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Shenzhen, what I understand





Few days ago, I went to Shenzhen, China to relax a few days. We stayed in Sun Ann Hotel which was near ‘Dong Jia’  area, where shopping malls and eating houses were plenty. I went with two of my friends. We spent most of the time to explore that area. As a result, some of us bought camera, some bought handbags, and some chose to go a massage for relaxation.

We have not much complaint about the place, except some people’s attitude problems. People over there seems quite hush in some situations. For example, if they are in a hurry, they would just push you from the back and squeeze throw the madding crowd without saying anything; as if you are wrong to stand or walk in front of them. Another funny senario was when you tried to ask for direction, most of the time, they would only point their figure to the direction without saying a single word. At first, I thought I was in a place when everyone was drugged to mute! What a funny behavor!

On the whole, Shenzhen is still a charming place to visit. If given another opportunity, I would go back again.


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My own version of Obama

I bought a 16inch action figure of Obama recently. These are the shots I took while posing him in different postures.

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Digital Art Form

Recently bought a book explaining how to use Photoshop more effectively. I started to follow its instructions and created my own digitized art works. Not a bad try if my resource materials are sufficient to use.

Show pieces of work here.

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Aquarama 2009, Singapore

Aqurama 2009 is an International Fish Show held in Singapore from 28 to 31 May 2009, at Suntax City, Hall 601-603.

The show exhibits all kinds of tropical fish, from fresh water to sea water types. It is a colorful show. We could see all sorts of new species of man-breed exotic fish around. The following photographs were the records of some of these fish. They are unbelievable lovely. I like the white fighting fish, it looks like a princess in the water. How on earth they mutated the color to this? The arowana fish looks majestic and elegance.

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Unpredictable life

Life is so unpredictable. I found this clip on YouTube, it shocked me to see that a turtle could be so fierce and snap a bird’s life in seconds.

Looking back at the human environment, we also have the same scenario. The time frame could be a little longer; but the results are the same. Worst of all, it could be so painful that you could not even make a sound before your last breath.

I am not talking about road fatal accident, but people with sudden death due to cardiac arrest or social discrimination. Especially for the latter, who dies painfully and slowly under the beautiful backdrop of a modern cosmopolitan city.


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