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Would you like to be diamond in your second life?

According to the news on Lianhe ZaoBao (Please see above), a swiss company develop a technology that could convert the ash of human reminds to a piece of diamond. The whole cost would be around $8000 Singapore Dollars.

Come to think about it, in the present context, it is not a bad idea for us to consider this option, when we set our will. One main reason is to cut the maintaining cost on our grave / Urn. Secondly save the trouble for our younger generation the visiting time at Ching Ming Period. Third, it also provide certain monetary values for emergency use, to our offspring. : )

But are you willing to turn yourself into a piece of cold and hard stone / crystal? How would this piece of crystal makes people to recall your pass life?

Since we are so concerned of our planet, the best way for our next destiny is to be some bone meal, and fertilize Mother Earth! Our life could continue in the form of other organisms. Right?

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The Daily Travel Experience

After reached the age of 60, lots of my perception changed. I have given up the habit of riding on the 200cc motorcycle and travel at 100km per hour in the nights when I am moody. In fact, I already sold the bike for just $150.00. It was only 5 years old.

These days, I travel with public transports. It may be the bus, the MRT or Taxi. If I am not in a hurry, I used to take bus to the MRT station and use the train to continue my journey. I learned to take note of the timing of the bus. If I missed the designated time of that particular bus stop, I may have to wait for 10 to 20 minutes. These days, taking bus to me is an enjoyment. I take the opportunity to observe all sort of personality in the bus. Some are typical ‘Kia Su’ Singaporeans, once they aboard the bus, you could see their pairs of vulture eyes, searching for seats! Some are enlightened; even the bus is quite empty and have many empty seats, they choose to stand all the way to their designation. Some takes the journey for their afternoon nap or recovery time.

The services of the bus has improved a lot, comparing with the older days. But in terms of bus frequency, I think the company should further improve it.

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