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Posting at Blogspot again

Dear Friends,

I am posting on Blogspot.com again. As WordPress does not allow me to upload videos. I feel handicapped! I may post two sides with the same contents, only one would have video contents and the other does not!   :  (


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The Principle

When I was young, my dear teacher taught me: As a person, we must do things with a principle. From there onwards, I stick to this simple rule: I will do things with my principle. My principle is very simple, do things with my conscience and do not harm others. If better, bring happiness to everyone around you.

As I grew older, I have noticed that most of the people around me do not value ‘Conscience’ at all. They will only abide to the benefits they could get. With benefits they gotten, they could sell away their friendships, their trust and themselves. When a society developed to such a stage, it is really sad!

If you asked me who they are, then I should ask you to look around; especially read the newspaper. You will not hard to figure out, who are these people. If we have conscience, we should not allow old folks die in their flats and get rotten. If we are caring, we should not see so many young and middle age people committing suicide.

We are named as developed nation, if we have conscience, we should have all these unhappy incidents erased from our life!

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