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19th September 2009, I went to the Motor Show at Expo, even though the weather is not promising. The admission fees is $10.00 per person. I am not a car fan fellow. But I understand that there are models posting along with the cars at the venue. My target is to take some nice portrait as a practice.

The trip is rewarding. I captured quite a number of beautiful models. They were really pros. They knew how to post, how to kill you with a smile! This save lots of time to get things done. I spent almost an hour there to capture different models. There were some nicely designed cars too. I took a few photos of them too. The rest I was not interested.

The photos showed here were the results of this trip. They were taken with Canon G9 set on Program mode, as there was no time for me to do any adjustment.


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Beauty is meant to be foundWhen life is tough, we got to find a way to get out of it. Facing uncontrolled price hike, both in daily products as well as government’s charges, with not much increase of wages or income, one could easily get furious of the situation. Instead of boiling inside like a cocoon, the best way is to get out of it. One of the ways for me, is to take the camera and capture some scenes and produce some delightful images and amuse myself to pass time.
Once we get out of the box, we will see the sky is still blue, the birds are still chirping and life is still beautiful. Ugliness is a state of mind; whether it is physical or mental. I always enjoy simple things in life. A pleasant chat in the evening; a glass of good wine; a quite and serene corner; that what I am looking for.
There are hundreds of people living in thousands of buildings. We do not expect everyone behave as we are. Therefore, when you see a fox stands in front of you, either you face its cunningness or just turn and walk away from the creature.

Every cloud casts a different shadow below it. Just respect its existence. There will be no big deal then.

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