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Leslie Cheung





19th September 2009, I went to the Motor Show at Expo, even though the weather is not promising. The admission fees is $10.00 per person. I am not a car fan fellow. But I understand that there are models posting along with the cars at the venue. My target is to take some nice portrait as a practice.

The trip is rewarding. I captured quite a number of beautiful models. They were really pros. They knew how to post, how to kill you with a smile! This save lots of time to get things done. I spent almost an hour there to capture different models. There were some nicely designed cars too. I took a few photos of them too. The rest I was not interested.

The photos showed here were the results of this trip. They were taken with Canon G9 set on Program mode, as there was no time for me to do any adjustment.





Few days ago, I went to Shenzhen, China to relax a few days. We stayed in Sun Ann Hotel which was near ‘Dong Jia’  area, where shopping malls and eating houses were plenty. I went with two of my friends. We spent most of the time to explore that area. As a result, some of us bought camera, some bought handbags, and some chose to go a massage for relaxation.

We have not much complaint about the place, except some people’s attitude problems. People over there seems quite hush in some situations. For example, if they are in a hurry, they would just push you from the back and squeeze throw the madding crowd without saying anything; as if you are wrong to stand or walk in front of them. Another funny senario was when you tried to ask for direction, most of the time, they would only point their figure to the direction without saying a single word. At first, I thought I was in a place when everyone was drugged to mute! What a funny behavor!

On the whole, Shenzhen is still a charming place to visit. If given another opportunity, I would go back again.

My Old Singapore

These photographs were bought at a shop nearby Jalan Sultan for $10.00. All five pieces of them. Some of places have my old memories imbeded there. I believe people around my age would also have his old memory about them too.

Elizabeth Walk, Sky Theatre and Great World were the places where my mother used to bring me there to walkabout. We were very poor then, there was not much purchasing power, and we could only enjoy window shopping. We walked either from China Town to the abovementioned spots or from Selegie Road. Sometimes, she would call for trishaw and fetch us there; but it was very rare.

Odean Theatre and Capitol Theatre were my younger time dating spots. My puppy loves were developed and withered there.

Nobody Dance

This is a very youthful song and dance: Nobody Dance!

To me, in many ways, Wei Lian’s voice is a powerful magnet. The moment I heard his singing, I would be attracted to it; worst of all, I would be addicted to it. Today is a good example, I decided to video him on his Zou Chang 走唱 session. My aim is to video him for one session at Bugis Junction, and upload to my blog or FaceBook. But after listened to his first session, I got attracted to his second session at Espanade.  If not my stomach was shouting for hunger, I would have followed him for the third and fouth sessions. Anyway, I felt very satisfied by watching him in person in the performance. He is really a great ‘People Oriented’ singer!